Gifts for employee recognition
and corporate events.

Give more than a gift, give a choice.

ChoiceGifts is a suite of services that let you give a selection of gifts to anyone for any occasion – all with ease and within budget. A ChoiceGifts Specialist will work with you to create highly unique gift collections for the employees at your company, or the guests at your event. All the choices are yours, but the first choice is to contact us. Get started now.

Employee rewards
that do more.

Introducing ChoiceGifts For Employee Recognition.

Choice Gifts For Employee Recognition

It's a powerful moment when you recognize and reward an employee for a job well done. But what happens next? Everyone goes back to work, and your recognition – along with your investment – begins to fade.

ChoiceGifts makes employee recognition last longer by providing each employee with a memorable reward experience. From meaningful reward choices to fast delivery, everything combines to extend the effects of recognition – and your investment – far beyond the moment.

Event gifts. Done.

Introducing ChoiceGifts For Events.

Choice Gifts for Events

Give your event guests the gift of choice. Sunglasses from Ray-Ban or Oakley, watches from Tommy Bahama, even jewelry from Alex and Ani. We have a wide variety of brands to choose from, each selected to bring more excitement to your corporate events.

At the event we'll take care of everything. From setting everything up to helping each guest select the gift that's right for them. And when the event is over we make everything disappear. It all happens while you're managing every other event detail.

Get started now!

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We're ready with ideas and products that are sure to please every employee and event guest. Call today.


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